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We, at El-Bethel Mission, have three main objectives. Firstly, we aim to advance Christianity wherever practicable. Secondly, we strive to promote eye health care within isolated communities. Lastly, we work to address mental wellbeing issues that these communities may face. To achieve these goals, we collaborate and partner with churches, organisations, companies, and individuals. Through these partnerships, we build capacity and manage various projects and events.

Our History

From the mandate to reach out to the isolated community with the basic instruction for life survival* ... and a passion to see change in a somewhat hopeless situation**, El-Bethel Mission continues its mission to facilitate the isolated community into social inclusion while bridging the gap of social inequalities; an indirect response to Jeremiah 8:22.

Mothy Varkey believes that the church has the potential to adapt and become a healing and transformative force in society. In a similar vein, Isaac of Abraham demonstrated a comparable approach during a period of scarcity in the Valley of Gerrar. He reacted authentically and proactively to the famine, without compromising his dedication to God’s Word. His success was a result of resilience, integrity, and self-discipline.

El-Bethel Mission, a faith-based charity in the UK, is committed to ongoing collaboration to gather the necessary resources. This includes a skilled team at all levels, armed with the appropriate toolkits, to guide beneficiaries towards a mindset of success. Studies have indicated that families depend on their spiritual beliefs for emotional, mental, and physical health. Pastoral care will be provided to ministers, their congregations, and the wider public.

Our approach is also guided by four core components of the WHO’s Strategic Objective 2, as well as various white papers on mental health, mental wellbeing, problem-solving, and global cohesion. These resources propose, recommend, and even prescribe proven solutions to address current challenges, striving to promote a sense of belonging and acceptance for all those impacted by these urgent matters. In doing so, we stand in unity with those who are impoverished, vulnerable, and oppressed, like those of Adullam. < more >

Our Vision

EMPOWERING the isolated community.

WE aim to advance Christianity, to promote eye health care and to address mental wellbeing issues within an isolated community with the intent of resourcing, developing and supporting them for global cohesion.

Resource  |  Develop  |  Support



FACILITATING an admin coordinating hub.

WE collaborate/ partner with churches, organisations, companies and individuals, to build capacity and manage projects and events.



Our objectives reflect a commitment to spiritual growth and social welfare, aiming to create a positive impact both within and beyond the community. They are:

Advancing the Christian faith throughout the UK and beyond: This objective involves promoting and spreading the teachings of Christianity not only within the UK but also in other parts of the world. This could be achieved through various means such as organizing religious events, distributing religious literature, conducting Bible study groups, and more. The aim is to deepen people’s understanding of the Christian faith and encourage them to incorporate its teachings into their daily lives.

Advancing the prevention of poverty among the isolated community: This objective focuses on alleviating poverty within communities that are isolated, either geographically or socially. This could involve providing direct assistance like food, clothing, and shelter, or indirect assistance like education and job training. The goal is to empower these communities, improve their living conditions, and help them become self-sufficient.



Aims & Objectives

Driven by a strong passion for innovation, for excellence, and to act professionally on behalf of families and the church, the day to day service delivery of El-Bethel Mission impacts clients’ mental well-being and further church growth.

  1. Professionalism: This refers to the commitment to conduct oneself with responsibility, integrity, accountability, and excellence. It implies striving for high-quality in one’s work and maintaining an attitude of respect for those we serve.

  2. Visionary: Being visionary means having a clear sense of purpose, direction, and future. It involves being able to see beyond the present, anticipate needs, and innovate solutions for the future.

  3. Excellence: This value is about striving to deliver the best possible outcomes in all circumstances. It involves continuous learning, improvement, and going the extra mile to exceed expectations.

  4. Creativity: Creativity is about thinking outside the box. It involves being open to new ideas, approaches, and perspectives that can lead to innovative solutions and improvements.


WE also cherish responsibility, accountability and faithfulness.

Faithfulness in this context can refer to being reliable and trustworthy in all engagements. It also implies staying true to the mission’s goals and values, even in challenging circumstances.



What We Do

We provide BACiP Services; organise FundRaising & Expedition activities as well as manage Projects & Events.

What You Can Do

Donate your pre-used items: Clothes, Toys & Spectacles and or your money to a worthy cause.

Volunteer your time to gain Soft skills & EyeHealth skills as well as participate in our Exchange Programme, eGLOVE.

Strategic Vision 2024

Advance Christianity; Promote Eye Health Care & Address Mental Wellbeing.

In 2024, El-Bethel Mission aspires to facilitate spiritual growth, improved health, and mental resilience for isolated communities, fostering a world that is not only interconnected but also embodies care, compassion, and cohesion. This year we aim to train individuals from these communities, equipping them with skills and knowledge to contribute positively to their communities.

Advance Christianity

Conduct musical concert,  spiritual workshops or seminars, reaching out to  individuals across isolated communities.

ToFCChL & Coaching

Train individuals from these communities, equipping them with relevant skills to contribute positively to society.

C-VEhW & Tele-EyeHealth

Organise eye health camps, screen individuals for eye-related diseases, and manage some of those diagnosed.

Befriending & Partnership

Forge new partnerships with churches, organisations, companies, or individuals who share our vision.



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