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El-Bethel Community Church

Experience God's Holy Presence & Divine Aid in 2024

At El-Bethel Community Church, we believe that faith should bring people together, not apart (Gen 49:10). That's why we strive to embody a spirit of togetherness and unity in everything we do. Our cross-cultural makeup means that we bring together diverse perspectives and experiences that enrich our church community and help us grow in faith.


Whether you're a first-time churchgoer or a seasoned worshipper, we welcome you as part of our El-Bethel family.

Bringing the Church Together

in Building Capacity to Promote Overall Well-being (Genesis 2:18; Isaiah 9:7)


We believe the Bible to be the inspired, the only infallible, authoritative Word of God, who is God, eternally existent in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit ... >>>


Q2: Bringing the Church Together


God shall help us to serve with gladness  (Psa 100; Exo 15:2; 2   Chron 5:13; Col 3:16)


Q3: Bringing the Community Together


God shall help us to serve one anther  (Jer 3:15; Acts 4:32-35; Rev 5:1-4)


Q4: Bringing the Nations Together


God shall help us serve His economy. (Isa 11:11-13; Rev 7:1-12)


Q1: Bringing the Family Together

God shall help us to serve in honour (Gen 2:18; 1 Sam 22:1, 2: Jude 1:24)


Responsible. Accountable. Faithful

These values can serve as a guiding principle in both personal and professional life. They can help create a positive environment that fosters growth and success. Remember, living by these values involves a commitment to act in a certain way even when it’s challenging. But the rewards of adhering to such strong values are immense.

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