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Community Church

Join a group of worshippers each Sunday at a place of God's Holy Presence & divine Aid.



Expedition & Volunteering

Glasses Fitting

Pastoral Care

* BACiP / TENTing


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Resource & Development Centre for Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

BACiP & ToFCChL Sessions

El-Bethel Mission is committed to helping the vulnerable among the BAEM & the  Latino community. Learn more about our charitable activities for our service users, and see how you can help make it even better and more impactful. Whether you’re looking to donate money or want to volunteer your time, we are happy to receive any help you can give.

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Community Church

El-Bethel Mission facilitates a place of God's Holy Presence and Divine Aid. Our church activities involve a passionate group of worshipers coming together and providing an ambient of Praise, worship and prayer. Join us this Sunday and any other Sunday.

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C-VEhW Programme

EyeHealth  Expedition

We help the less fortunate with our eye-health screening and spectacle donation programme. If you’re looking to play a part, find out more about how to donate or volunteer. Your help really makes all the difference to our charity beneficiaries. Contact us to learn more about our different services and how you can help us make a difference in the communities.

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