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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is a sovereign country, off the north-western coast of the continental mainland. It' s made up of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. The country has over sixty cities in it. According to the 2015 estimates, over 55 million people live in England. This is 84% of the population of the UK. Just for your update, the King is King Charles III and the Prime Ministers are James Brokenshire, Nicola Sturgeon, and Liz Truss, for Northern Ireland, Scotland and England respectively.

92.8 % of respondents in the 2011 Religion Census, believe 33.2 million people practice Christianity (59.3 per cent of the population) while around a quarter of the population in England and Wales (14.1 million), reported they have no religion. Despite this, Faith Survey, reports that ‘England has the lowest percentage of the population attending church in 2015 (4.7%), just below Wales at 4.8%. In Scotland, the equivalent figure is 8.9%’. Nonetheless, the onus is on the Pentecostals and the New Churches to rise yet at a snail’s pace. It is said that the typical African elder would seek to support a good cause. [woforo dua pa a na yepia wo], yet in collaboration with like minds. [tikor nko agyina = unidos estamos de pie = two heads are better than one].  When churches in the Isle began to reason in the unity in Christ, they carry with them a great responsibility to maintain the heritage won for Great Britain and the Holy Spirit will be with them in whatsoever they do.


Volunteering with a Christian charity based in Birmingham where 46% of the population profess Christianity, could be fun. It would help you contribute your significant quota to make the United Kingdom a great Christian Isle again.

Stockholm Sweden Panorama


Joining our G.O.V team in the UK as a church worker to contribute to our church-plant/growth effort is in one of three areas: short term, medium term and family package.

To opt for any of these categories, you must read carefully the terms and condition and express your interest using appropriate link.

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