TENTing Services

Mi Casa es Tu Hogar

Welcome to our Urban Housing Strategy!

Stay in a beautiful hogar just off the city and close to many world-class cafes and restaurants.

& Hostels

The apartment is spacious with high ceilings, large windows, an open balcony and a beautiful view. Stay cool with central heating and wind-down comfortably in the queen sized bedroom.

Busy Street

& Events

Conveniently located, just opposite, our apartment will sweep you into the charm and excitements of the village! Dine at one of our neighborhood’s many world-renowned restaurants, enjoy fresh-squeezed juices from one of the colourful stalls*

City Traffic

About the TENTing Project 

Hi, I moved to the beautiful neighbourhood two years ago with my family. We live in a homie Highrise just off the mountains, but in the summer we travel!