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Project C-VEhW / AiRQoW

An Expedition Programme: Facilitating EyeHealth Care for the Isolated communities.

We are proud to introduce Project C-VEhW, an annual Expedition Programme dedicated to facilitating EyeHealth Care for Isolated communities. Our Community Vision and EyeHealth Workshop is a team of committed volunteers who travel to villages in developing countries to perform vision screenings and donate free spectacles to those in need.

Our team is trained to identify complex cases and refer them to local EyeCare professionals. In some instances, we can also facilitate overseas eyecare assistance via TeleMedical portals. This ensures that everyone we serve receives the best possible care.

Project C-VEhW is open to all trained volunteers who are willing to raise their own expenses and gather enough used spectacles and clothing to donate. We provide all necessary training and orientation, led by our professional eyecare team, free of charge.

We invite you to join us in this noble cause. Register for Project C-VEhW today and help us bring the gift of sight to isolated communities around the world. Together, we can make a difference!

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