TENTing* 2021

Updated: Mar 20

Facilitating Assimilation and Mental Wellbeing:

We aimed at the Provision of Pastoral Care to our Target Communities:

Advisory and Advocacy Support which includes befriending and interpreting services to the BAEM and the Latinos Communities. << more >>

Our Support for a Better Community Living

We were able to inspire the local community and assimilated the migrant by resourcing, developing and supporting them.


We helped to build and strengthen friendship among the migrants.:

During the project, we have helped vulnerable families to cope with stress and hardship by:

  • supplying groceries and toiletries to shielding families (about 30 families);

  • continue to provide interpreting support services from Spanish-English-Spanish and also from Akan-English-Akan.

  • paying volunteers' expenses, some training and management as well as travel time.

We Developed & Retained Volunteers:

We supported their Career Development Process!

We aimed to reduce isolation and its negative effects while fostering unity and togetherness. We believe it will pay in the long term.



GET HELP for your housing needs:

Free Signposting Support to local housing support agencies ...

You don't need a local connection to ask for homelessness help. But sometimes you can be referred to a different council if you don't have any links in the area you apply.

Housing advice from Shelter - Shelter England

Most people ask their local council for help but you can approach any council.