Volcano Erupts in DRC !

More than 500 homes have been destroyed by the lava that has poured into villages, officials and survivors say ...

An aerial view shows lava flowing from the volcanic eruption of Mount Nyiragongo near Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Photograph: Monusco/Reuters

At least 15 people died when torrents of lava poured into villages after dark in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, destroying more than 500 homes, officials and survivors said on Sunday. << more >>

The International Federation of Red Cross said that between 3,000 and 5,000 people fled into Rwanda, many of them peasants and farmers with livestock.

Some began returning on Sunday.

The eruption was caused when fractures opened in the volcano's side, causing lava flows in various directions.

Before the eruption, experts were worried that the volcanic activity observed in the past five years at Nyiragongo mirrored that in the years preceding eruptions in 1977 and 2002. << more >>

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