Updated: Mar 20

I hear the sound of abundant "fresh waves" !!

Some call it ClimateChange. Others say its the NewNORMAL. Please don't give it another name. ...

Could they be TeleHealth Care Everywhere & Our Home-Made Events ?!

Before you call it the "New Anomaly", think thrice ...

  • Work-from-Home

  • DigitalEYESation

  • Eat-from-Home

TeleMEDICINE at your fingertips ... looking forward to the launch of the knowledge based App for C-VEhW called Eye-Klopaedia. Watch out for it.


FOCUS TWO: DigitalEYESation

Is it true that blue light is not blinding you? << let's find out >>

Does blue light from electronic devices damage our eyes? << hope in sight >>

Screening from Your Village Site

I mean from the corner of your room; Use the 20:20:20 rule to relax the eyes for health vision and eyehealth.

Screening from Your Community Site

That's why we go to Africa, ... I mean the developing countries: Caribbean, Latin America, all them places.

We love using ZOOM and sometimes FREE CONFERENCE CALL. Obviously,embedded we use Microsoft Teams imbedded into elbethelmission.org.

But there is no place like LIVE FACE-2-FACE Meetings.


  • Exercise regularly

  • Eat nutrient-dense meals; preferably Home-Made meals

  • Protect eyes from harmful UV-rays.

  • Schedule yearly eye exam

  • Remember Health & Safety

  • Don't forget to protect your data.