Nicene Creed-based Systematic Theology Survey: A Personal Review

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The Nicene creed is an historic confession of our faith, and one that is being unjustifiably attacked as subverting the "real" original Christianity, e.g. at popular -- "street" -- level in Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. At a little more sophisticated, level, the unfortunate poisonous links between theological debates and political instability across C4 and beyond, meant that -- in an era where the concept of personal freedom was but poorly understood -- disputes on theological matters were too often enmeshed in state politics of the Roman Empire (especially in the East). ....

What is it ...?

An historically-rooted "street-theology" survey and grounding of core Christian teaching, structured through the historic 325 and 381 AD Nicene Creed and rooted in key underlying biblical teachings such as 1 Cor 15:1 - 11 (c. 55 AD), Rom. 1:16 - 3:26 (c. 57), Heb. 1:1 - 14 (c. 63) and Isa 52:13 - 53:12 (c. 700 BC).

Systematic Theology therefore guides us as we lay out a framework of gospel-based spiritual anchor-points and guidelines on the ground where we are. This helps us to properly and effectively arrange the foundations of our commitment of discipleship. Such a sound foundation then guides us as we work to build a fruitful Christian life as we serve God in our communities and the wider world:

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A Nicene Creed-based Systematic Theology Survey

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