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eGLOVE Expedition

Partner with us and you would be promoting C-VEhW.

Your support can go a long way help with a child's reading. We have always depended on charitable support to give the remote community the best chance to fulfil their potential. This is needed now, more than ever before.

Send someone or come along: whichever is easier for you.

CVEhW info

C-VEhW X-Boarder

C-VEhW is Community Vision & EyeHealth Workshop. < more>

Supporting C-VEhW Open Day is a principal thing to do. Help us raise funds and used glasses for most developing countries, where eye health is a real issue. <more>


Ghana; Kenya; South Sudan; Zambia

Africa Outreach.





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Traditional African Dress

The Lancet Global Health Commission on GLOBAL EYEHEALTH:
Vision Beyond 2020

CVEhW Actions

Three Things We Do


We travel to remote communities to promote EyeHealth care.


We aim to detect known RE and to give you free pair of quality spectacles.


We connect you to a world of expertise digitally at no/ less  cost to you.

How You May Help

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