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The Global Outreach Volunteering programme began back in 2010 with just informal participation. We worked hard to grow and develop to the level we are today. Responsibility, Accountability and Faithfulness go together with everything we do. Driven by a strong passion for innovation, and excellence, and to act professionally on behalf of families and the church, the day-to-day service delivery of El-Bethel Mission impacts clients’ mental well-being and furthers church growth.


Living our Christian ethos means serving our community the way Christ did: serving the will of God the Father and committing to die shamefully on the Cross so that sinners might be forgiven and have eternal life through His resurrection. Jesus Christ shared the love of God with His disciples and the immediate community by feeding them and healing them of all sicknesses. Not only that, but He also commanded His disciples to go out into all the world and preach the gospel so that as many as would believe in Him would receive salvation and eternal life. This way, His influence would have impacted all people from every land and culture.

We expect that our prospective missionaries would serve these four fundamental goals effectively:

  • To do the will of God wholeheartedly

  • To fulfil their divine calling using their God-giving gifts

  • To serve the body of Christ with all diligence

  • To influence their community with their skills and talents.


 Our doors are open to new participants, no matter their experience level. We are proud to bring together people from Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America and beyond. Come join our next available program—we’d love for you to benefit from all that the programme has to offer by completing the application form and the requirements. We shall provide the necessary training and visas appropriate for placement.


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Please download, fill out, and return the completed application. We are currently accepting registration forms for the upcoming session, but spots are filling up fast so the sooner you submit the better!

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